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A Little About Me

How did I get into this field? I'm a licensed psychologist and couples therapist now, but many years ago, I was a curious youngster growing up with little to no information about intimacy and relationships.

Certainly there was information on the bad stuff that could happen, but nothing on connection, desire, pleasure, talking to each other about sensitive topics, understanding each other, dealing with jealousy or hurt or other difficult feelings, or what to do when problems arise. That was frustrating, so I wanted to help change it.

My goal is to create space to talk openly about relationships, how to find pleasure and satisfaction in relationships, and how to make them the best they can be.

Dr. Erica Marchand


Best Relationship Ever Group

This is a community of women wanting the best romantic relationships we can possibly have. We see relationships as a source of love, mutual support, understanding, adventure, and growth, and are committed to doing our best to care for them and make the most of them. Please join us!

Ready to learn about your Big O?

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